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Team of lawyers aligned with the complex panorama of the current labor relations

In the globalized world, without borders, labor relations have been transformed. It is necessary to advance the operation of the Law. The polarity employee versus employer has broken down into an infinite range of characteristics and incident circumstances that clamor for a more efficient and up-to-date legal reference to exercise justice when there is a conflict of interests. Voluntary work, artistic work, work that has no price. Workers without labor ties provide intellectual services through their own legal entities.

Workers without labor ties, relegated to informality, due to the pressure of the threat of unemployment. Instigating collective matters are becoming a real possibility to ease sensitive conflicts between Capital and Labor. Companies and workers migrate throughout the globalized world in an intense exchange of experiences and challenges. Adults, children, men and women performing manual, technical, and cybernetic functions. Service takers that are public and private companies, NGOs, mixed economy societies, municipalities, federal, state, municipal, and public-private partnerships. Exceptional service providers. Unusual service takers. All unique and deserving of a successful legal project. Specialized, simple, complex, unprecedented, mutant products and services. Future of this new scenario. Social Security. Plural regimens.

Concept of labor law

The concept of labor law experienced by Tupinambá Advogados coincides with the complex panorama of current labor relations and underlies the Firm’s creative and efficient legal reasoning. Labor relations are the productive core of society. Labor relations are the reason for our practice.

Carolina Tupinambá

  • Attorney
  • Certified mediator
  • Master in Procedural Law from UERJ
  • PhD in Procedural Law from UERJ
  • PhD in Labor Law and Social Security from USP
  • Post-Doctorate in Democracy and Human Rights at the University of Coimbra
  • Adjunct Professor of Labor Process and Labor Practice at the State University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Adjunct Professor of Labor Law at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro
  • Member of the Brazilian Academy of Labor Law, holder of Chair No. 47
  • Member of the Brazilian Institute of Procedural Law
  • Member of the Iberoamerican Institute of Procedural Law
  • Member of the Institute of Brazilian Lawyers
  • Member of the Center for Advanced Process Studies
  • Member of the American Bar Association
  • Member of the Community for Research and Labor and Occupational Studies (CIELO)
  • Author of books and articles in the labor area

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