Our Services


  • Consulting and preparation of legal opinions;
  • Filing of individual and class actions;
  • Defense in Court, in Prior Conciliation Commissions and Administrative Bodies;
  • Obtaining any kind of business visas and work permit visas for foreigners;
  • Advice on sports law;
  • Service contracts;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Incorporation of legal entities providing services;
  • Litigation in accident suits: social security and indemnity;
  • Litigation in moral harassment suits;
  • Advice on social and private pension plans.


  • Formation of unions, federations and confederations;
  • Establishment of an employee association;
  • Counseling in Collective Labor Law;
  • Union actions lato sensu.


  • Defense in labor claims filed by employees or unions at the Labor Court;
  • Follow-up of preparatory or investigative procedures, as well as of inquiry or public civil action, before the Labor Public Prosecutor’s Office, with the negotiation of terms of adjustment of conduct;
  • In-company courses of interest to entrepreneurs and labor managers;
  • Guidance on outsourcing practices, minimizing labor risks, and optimizing the use of human resources;
  • On-site consulting to professionals who deal with labor business relations in large corporations, medium-sized companies, and small businesses;
  • Corporate internship program and on-site study of labor issues;
  • Orientation about labor importation and exportation and the situation of expatriate employees in Brazil and abroad;
  • Labor audit, involving review of routine labor procedures, with the identification of known contingencies and hidden liabilities;
  • Examination and adjustment of private pension plans;
  • Assistance in collective negotiations with unions;
  • Negotiating collective labor agreements, involving profit sharing plans, time bank and other issues of collective interest to the company;
  • Attending round tables at Regional Labor Offices, Unions or Class Associations;
  • Advisory services for the implementation of collective bargaining agreements for the submission of labor disputes to arbitration;
  • Consulting on labor and social security issues related to mergers, acquisitions, privatizations, and other corporate restructuring operations;
  • Specialized consulting for different categories: port workers, athletes, airline workers, artists, journalists, rural workers, etc.;
  • Study, orientation, and assembly of labor succession planning with the incorporation of family holdings, donations, and wills;
  • Obtaining the Debt Clearance Certificate from the National Institute of Social Security – “INSS”;
  • Legal actions, of any nature, even to suspend the enforceability or to obtain the annulment or the offsetting of social security contributions to the INSS;
  • Examination and drafting of employment contracts, collective or individual, for ordinary, skilled or high-level employees;
  • Occupational health and safety projects;
  • Acting in arbitration courts and arbitration tribunals, both in Brazil and abroad;
  • Drafting and negotiating arbitration commitment, reviewing and advising clients on arbitration clauses in business contracts.


  • Defense in court and administrative bodies;
  • Filing of individual and class actions;
  • Advice on complementary pension plans;
  • Studies of job and salary plans, economic plans, and salary adjustments;
  • Litigation in bidding procedures for labor hiring.

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